Luminescent Solar Power

In our innovative concept called “Luminescent Solar Power” (LSP), we utilize both free energy and thermal energy from the sunlight for a cost-effective high efficiency solar energy harvesting system.

Solar energy

The Optical Society of America chose our Nature Communication paper as the most important work in solar energy for the year 2016

The group was awarded the ERC starter grant

European Research Council (ERC) starter grant is the highest grant for young faculty members given by the ERC. The scheme targets promising researchers who have the proven potential of becoming independent research leaders.
Assaf Manor

Assaf Manor won the 2014 Adams Fellowship

The most prestigious fellowship for PhD students in Israel. Given by the Israeli National academy for Arts and Sciences for research achievements by doctoral students, who have demonstrated excellence in both quality of mind and personal character.

New paper in OPTICA, new paper on the road map for 3d generation Photovoltaics.

New paper in OPTICA, new paper on the road map for 3d generation Photovoltaics.

Our mission

To apply thermodynamic principles for developing new frequency-conversion methods. This will allow:

  •  Converting inefficient parts of the solar spectrum to wavelengths most efficient for energy-harvesting.
  •  Conversion of thermal energy to electricity.
  •  Efficient energy storage.
  •  Efficient high power light sources fully integrated on-chip lasers.

About us

We work with Excitonics. localized energy states in small molecules. By engineering the energy dynamics between Excitonics we bring the device functionality into the single molecule level.

Our group is highly multidisciplinary working at the interface between Physics, Thermodynamic, Optics, Materials, and Devices.
Excellent students and researchers in these areas are welcome to contact me.