Assaf Manor (PhD)

Assaf Manor


  • M.Sc. solar physics (BGU 2011).
  • B.Sc. Physics (Technion 2008).
  • B.Sc. EE (Technion 2008).

Research Field

  • Thermal light managment for solar cells.

Scientific Interests

  • Thermodynamics, Radiation-matter interaction, solar energy & PV.

Selected publications

  • A. Manor, L. Martin, C. Rotschild, Conservation of photon rate in endothermic photoluminesence, and its transition to thermal emission, Optica 2, 585 (2015)
  • A. Manor, E. A. Katz, T. Tromholt, B. Hirsch, F. C. Krebs, Origin of size effect on efficiency of organic photovoltaics, J. App. Phys. 109, 074580 (2011)
  • A. Manor, E. A. Katz, T. Tromholt and F. C. Krebs, Electrical and photo-induced degradation of ZnO layers in organic photovoltaics, Adv. Energy Mater. 1, 836 (2011)
  • A. Manor and E. A. Katz, Open-circuit voltage of organic photovoltaics: implications of the generalized Einstein relation for disordered semiconductors, Sol. Energy Mater. And sol. Cells 97, 132 (2011).
  • A. Manor, E. A. Katz, R. Andriessen, Y. Galagan, Study of organic photovoltaics by localized concentrated sunlight: Towards optimization of charge collection in large-area solar cells, App. Phys. lett. 99, 173305 (2011)
  • A. Manor, E. A. Katz, T. Tromholt, F. C. Krebs, Enhancing functionality of ZnO hole blocking layer in organic photovoltaics, Sol. Energy Mater. And sol. Cells98,491(2011)


  • Climbing, Yoga
  • field running
  • photography